‚ÄčI see the hour hand moving
But I try to resist
I hear the voices
I feel their angst
I see the horror
I reel in pain
I try to speak
But words fail me
I try to think
But all my thoughts perish
Everything is a haze
I am in my own maze
This is momentary
I lie to myself
Everything has an end
Till then I will pretend

The weapon

Out of his misery he forged a bow
The seeds of jealousy made it glow
A deep dark thought
Made the string taut
A word from his lip
The poison laced tip
Into his heart the arrow struck
He had finally run out of luck
A blood red stain
Was left in vain
His shadow watched
As his soul detached


The subtle shades of the dark fade
And shine again with the glaze of jade
In this tumult of right and wrong
I am just singing my song
My whole world is in a daze
Maybe its more than just a phase
I can never see the light
I wish you would end my plight
I am not up for a fight


Shards of broken feelings
And emotions in the fray
Multitude of aversions
That lead my mind astray
Reason cannot fathom
All the things I really hide
It is only a matter of time
Before I give in to the tide
Who will ease my burden
And finally set me free
In this prison of memory
I’m forever lost in agony

The Sandman

From millions of sand grains
He rises with a veritable presence
With a gesture of his hand
The sandman weaves his magic
The winds stop and the waves retreat
And the castles rise in all their glory
Leaving the audience spellbound
And drawn to his evil innocence
He finally thinks he has a purpose
And it puts him out of his misery
But soon his newfangled creation
Succumbs to destruction
His castles are after all made of sand
The test of time they cannot stand
The sandman doesn’t care about this fall
For those few moments of misconstrued reality
He does it all


The seconds are ticking away
My mind is lost in the fray
Someday it will end
Till then I will fend
The pangs of waiting
There’s no point in fretting
My mind is flinching
My vision is shimmering
I am tired of waiting
But for you, I will keep pretending